The Second Wave Of Hero Collector MCU Replicas Are On The Way

Hero Collector

Not too long ago, we covered the news that Eaglemoss would be distributing scaled-down replicas of many iconic props from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Those included the helmets of Iron Man and Black Panther, along with Cap’s shield, to name some. Today we learned that a second wave is on the way.

We spotted three new replicas over at The line of miniaturized props was going to deviate a bit from the MCU and also bring in items from the Disney+ series What If…? The trio includes the Iron Spider / Nano Spider-Man helmet, Iron Man’s Nano Gauntlet, and Captain Carter’s Shield.

The mini props range between 6″ to 8″ in height and polyresin. I’ve spotted a few of them at Target recently if you’re on the lookout for the first wave for Christmas. This second set of props should be arriving during the first quarter of 2022.

Hero Collector
Hero Collector
Hero Collector

These remind me of the shrunk-down helmets Master Replicas used to produce in the mid-2000s. Since they don’t take up too much space and are relatively affordable, they are suitable for collecting.

Eaglemoss, another avenue for picking these replicas up, also has a series of Marvel-based figures along with several others from sci-fi, comic book, and fantasy licenses. Finally, of course, just about everything in geekdom has merchandise in one form or another over there.

Need a Ghostbuster statue? They got it. Want several versions of Deadpool? Oh, they got that for sure. Want to spend $2k+ on a model of Doc Brown’s time machine that takes nearly three years to build? Yeah, please don’t make the same mistake I did.

Where’s the subscription service that will let me build an entire Iron Man suit of armor? I’d pay for it—a 1:1 replica, not this 18″ tall baloney. I want the real deal. If it takes a couple of years, that’s fine.


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