The Rumor That The Reflections: A Lakeside Lodge Being Canceled or Postponed May Be True


Previously we reported a rumor that the upcoming Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Reflections: A Lakeside Lodge could be canceled or postponed. Well now we may have more evidence that this is indeed the case.  According to Scott Gustin on Twitter, D23 has removed the announcement information from their listings.


Like he pointed out, other EPCOT plans that have been changed are still on the list, but Reflections has been removed.

Here’s the D23 list from before:

Here’s the list now:

It seems the change happened sometime recently.


It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Disney chooses to cut back on projects at this point. We already know they are postponing projects like the Spaceship Earth refurbishment and the Mary Poppins ride.

Nothing official has been announced at this point, but it does follow the rumor we heard a couple of months ago. But Disney had a lot of projects and ride refurbishments coming up. EPCOT is tore up. The Tron coaster and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind are large projects that are big enough to not cancel. Boats are sinking on Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise. EPCOT projects were delayed or canceled to move forward on the Princess and the Frog retheme.  I just don’t think another hotel is the top of the priority list right now. Especially when they aren’t getting the crowds they thought they would at reopening.

If they focus on one, it will likely be the Star Wars: Starcruiser hotel, because they can make a lot more money for short stays with that one. I still think, long term, it’s not going to be sustainable, but they need money and they need it quick now.

We’ll just have to see where this goes.

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Source: Scott Gustin on Twitter

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