The Power of Earl The Squirrel


Universal Orlando has shown the creativity to create icons or mascots within their seasonal events. Halloween Horror Nights season serves as a prime example. That event brings Jack the Clown back periodically. This year for Halloween Horror Nights, the Pumpkin Lord and “Lil’ Boo” served as types of mascots. For the holiday season, an unlikely mascot will spread his influence, even more, this year at Universal Orlando Resort. Earl The Squirrel will be seen in more places than ever before at Universal Orlando. As reported previously, the influx of Earl the Squirrel merchandise began. That trend only grew larger this week.

In simple terms, if you want merchandise with Earl the Squirrel on it, Universal Orlando has you covered. If you are unfamiliar with the legend of Earl the Squirrel, I will summarize. Legend indicates that about seven to ten years ago Team Members were assembling the park’s Christmas tree. According to the version of the story told to me, during that set-up, a string of blue lights went out. Team Members discovered that apparently, something had bitten into the wiring, causing the problem. Legend says that something was a squirrel. Though the facts of this story and the aftermath differ depending on who is speaking, Universal Orlando created an electronic version of a squirrel hidden within the big Christmas tree each year. This squirrel eventually was named Earl.

In honor of this, Universal Orlando sold merchandise based on Earl starting in 2021. They had a Tribute Store built on the idea of a tree farm run by Earl. Also, in 2021, an Earl the Squirrel character interaction appeared. To say that Earl is popular would be an understatement. “Easter Eggs” to Earl often appear in Tribute Store having nothing to do with the holiday season. For 2022, Universal Orlando even created a video showing Earl ending Halloween Horror Nights 2022. Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake fans should not watch this promo video from Universal Orlando.

Earl the Squirrel appears to have left some crate with surprises within them. These crates have been popping up all over Universal Orlando. I suspect in a few days we will know more about these powerful presents from Earl’s tree farm.

Sign found in former Red Coconut Club in CityWalk

If you want to see more photos of the Earl the Squirrel merchandise available, please look below. The power of Earl ended Halloween Horror Nights. However, Earl promises a wonderful holiday and maybe even a holiday version of the “Coconut Club” in CityWalk.

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