The Missing Minnie Mouse Doll Has Been Found!


If you have been on the internet and social media lately, you’ve probably seen the story of Bryanna Ramirez’s lost Minnie Mouse plush.

Ramirez, 13, has gone through 39 brain surgeries due to a brain and connective tissue disorder. The Minnie Mouse plush has been with her through all the procedures since she was 18 months old.

The family believed that the Minnie Mouse doll was lost at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Trevose, PA.

After posting about the story it went viral and hit many of the news outlets.

There is a happy ending though. The Minnie Mouse doll has been found, and in her own home, under a pile of clean laundry.

Niki Dougherty-Ramirez, Bryanna’s mother said:

There were so many tears shed by all of us. Bryanna is soooooo ecstatic to have her in her arms again.”

Sadly, the mother has come under attack after the doll was found. She posted this on Facebook:

People are bashing me online saying this was for attention which is far from the truth. My kids have been sick since birth and never have I used their illness in anyway and never will. This was an honest mistake and I am so hurt that people would think that. We are human!! We live a crazy life and this just goes along with it. In the end all that matters is my daughter has her beloved Minnie back in her arms and now can rest easy. I thank everyone who shared this to help her we thank you from the bottom of our heart again we never thought it would go viral but we appreciate that everyone was as worried as we were and we are so Happy to have Minnie back in Bres arms.

I’m sure it was an honest mistake. Why would someone admit they found it at home if they had malicious intentions? As a mom, sometimes things happen and a pile of laundry might not get put away for days. It happens.

At least the child has her Minnie Mouse back and that’s what matters.

Source: Levittown Now , Philadelphia CBS Local (hat tip to Samantha)

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