The MCU Fantastic Four Could Be Gender-Swapped, According to Rumor

Image: Marvel Comics

When the Fantastic Four make their long-awaited debut in the MCU, it’s possible that at least one member of the classic team could be gender-swapped, according to a new rumor.

Marvel Studios often swaps the races and genders of established comic book characters in the movies, such as Nick Fury and Mar-Vell to name a few. But swapping the gender of one of the Fantastic Four would be a very bold move, given how iconic all four of the team’s members are.

From Giant Freakin’ Robot

According to Giant Freakin Robot’s trusted and proven source, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s architects are seriously considering taking one of the members of the Fantastic Four and swapping their gender.

Which character are they considering gender-swapping? Apparently, Marvel hasn’t landed on a specific hero yet, but instead are overall considering the goal of evening up the numbers — making the team have an equal amount of men and women.

The article goes on to speculate that the most likely candidate for a gender-swap could be Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch. This wouldn’t be the first time Johnny Storm got a controversial makeover, as he was played by Michael B. Jordan in the 2015 film.

Could the possible plan to make Johnny… uh… Joanie… have been a catalyst in director Jon Watts walking off the project? Who knows. It’s just a rumor at the moment, and should be taken as such. But there certainly is precedent for these sorts of changes in the MCU.

For whatever it’s worth, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee seemed to be against arbitrary changes being made to established characters, instead pushing creators to make new, diverse and inclusive characters.

[Source: Giant Freakin’ Robot]

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