The Marvels Set Another “Worst” MCU Record


When “The Marvels” released last week it saw the lowest MCU opening ever, and after it’s second week at the box office the film has made yet another “worst” record. This time it has the worse second week drop off of any MCU film. It was even worse than the 74% drop off Sony saw with “Morbius.”

After it’s second week at the box office, “The Marvels” dropped 79% coming in at only $10.2 million domestically for the weekend. This follows the $46.1 million domestic opening last weekend.

Let me remind you the budget on this film was about $273 million, however they got a $55 million credit from the UK government for filming there, bringing the budget down to around $218 million. Films usually need to bring in about two times the initial budget to break even, and after two weeks “The Marvels” hasn’t even hit $60 million domestically.

Globally it is doing a bit better (when you add up the dozens of markets) putting the film at about $161 million globally after ten days.

It needs to bring in about $450-$500 million to break even, and possibly more than that given the marketing for this film. It might be closer to $600 -$650 million to break even.

Until this weekend the film faced very little competition at the box office. Even with the lack of competition, a release in China and a release for IMAX, the film hasn’t even hit $200 million globally in two weeks.

Of course there are many theories about why “The Marvels” is underperforming, with the usual “men hate strong women” argument at the forefront. Ironically, men were the top demographic for those who went to see the film.

It could be that people are tired of Marvel, or tired of superheroes. The fact that many people didn’t watch the Disney+ shows and don’t know who Photon and Ms Marvel are is also likely a factor.  Still, people didn’t know the characters in “Eternals” and it still outperformed “The Marvels.”

Whatever reasons you believe. The film has failed harder than any other MCU movie, by two metrics.

It’s not looking good for this one.

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