The Mandalorian and Favreau/Filoni’s Universe to Replace Sequel Trilogy Characters in Galaxy’s Edge?

(Photo Credit: Kairi Pratt)

The info is coming out of Lucasfilm fast and furious, and particularly from the Kathleen Kennedy side of things. I’ll be honest, I’ve got too many articles to write at the moment and too much stuff to corroborate to keep up. I think the amount of info being “leaked” is indicative of the Kathleen side knowing that they’ve lost. Clearly the schism has turned into something else entirely, where instead of there being two factions, there are the employees and loyalists at Lucasfilm that bought into Kathy’s vision and have now lost completely the confidence of Disney.

Essentially, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have formed a partnership which is buoyed by Bob Iger and (ostensibly) by Bob Chapek. What they’re doing is ingenious — they’re building the Star Wars Streaming and Cinematic Universe that follows the MCU blueprint. The difference is they’re doing it with streaming series that give them significantly more screen time to tell stories. Their plan is to revere George Lucas, restore the original characters back to glory, tell an engaging saga that crescendos with a battle against Thrawn, all while preparing to fix the problems of the sequel trilogy. Eventually, they’d like to do a trilogy that chronologically follows the sequel trilogy and features Grogu. I assume that means the next trilogy would be set many decades into the future in the franchise’s fictional timeline.

While that is going on (and that’s where the budget is), Kathleen gets some side projects with small budgets to do whatever zany stuff she wants. But they have to be kept away from the Star Wars Streaming and Cinematic Universe… they don’t touch. She gets to do Ghostbusters 2016 projects while Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni get MCU-sized projects and budgets that she can’t meddle with. You see, Favreau and Filoni report directly to Iger – Kennedy gets no say on anything they’re doing, even though she can provide “notes”.

Kennedy’s Lucasfilm has done everything in its power to go a certain direction. Favreau and Filoni are going a different way. The different way is winning, and it’s winning to such a degree that the diehards who can’t adjust are out there making tons of noise while their ship sinks. Many of them don’t realize their days are numbered. Wonder if Hidalgo realizes the future of Star Wars looks completely the opposite of what he wants?

So that’s the backdrop to the big story today.

Remember when Galaxy’s Edge was opened and attendance at Disneyland actually dropped? Don’t thank the Phoenicians, thank Kathleen Kennedy (Epcot joke, sorry). She’s the one who convinced Iger to jettison the original plans that would have gone with a more unified Star Wars land that would have meshed together elements of the prequels, originals, and sequel trilogies. Well, guess what’s happening at Hollywood Studios now in Galaxy’s Edge? People don’t want to see Rey. Rey who? They don’t want to see Emo Ren that killed Han Solo. People want to see Mando. People want to see Ahsoka. People what to see Baby Yoda (Grogu). And people want to see Luke Skywalker.

Disney wants money.

So that’s why I believe I can corroborate some rumors that have been floating around about changes to Galaxy’s Edge. According to a source close to Walt Disney World management, Josh D’Amaro (we believe at the behest of Bob Iger) has started the process of determining costs and logistics for transitioning Galaxy’s Edge in both Hollywood Studios and Disneyland to the timeline of The Mandalorian. Blue French cookies for everybody!

Mostly I think this means a press release, a bit of marketing, and a change in the characters you can meet and roam the land. It does seem they’d have to tweak the two attractions with new video and some adjusted animatronics. Perhaps they can create some sort of story that makes Rise of the Resistance make sense being there. Maybe they just don’t care, say “screw it”, and give the fans what they want — Baby Yoda in Star Wars land. When Disneyland reopens, they’re no longer interested in playing around; they want people excited and in the parks, and Grogu does just that.

So get ready, because Ahsoka, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Mando, Grogu, and all the rest are kicking Rey and Kylo out of Galaxy’s Edge. It’s just a matter of time.

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