The Little Mermaid is 30 and Alex and Ani Has 2 New Bracelets to Celebrate!


Disney has just released a bunch of merchandise celebrating The Little Mermaid turning 30 (I know. I can’t believe it’s that old either!) Among the new items are two Alex and Ani bracelets!

The first one is based on the old Little Mermaid VHS tape.

(Photo Source: Shop Theme Parks)

Oh! And, it’s double-sided too! The back looks like the back of the VHS case.

(Photo Source: Shop Theme Parks)

The second one is an Ariel one that says “Mermaid Hair Don’t Care”

(Photo Source: Shop Theme Parks)

Okay it’s cute and I love the “dinglehopper” on it, but I’m a bit over the whole “mermaid hair don’t care” that they keep pushing.

Both have a silver finish and so far they’ve been found at Disney Springs so far. I found the photos from Shop Theme Parks (where you can buy these as well.)

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Shop Theme Parks


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