The Kelly Fam Issues Apology and Removes Child Shoe “Hack” Video After Backlash


Previously we reported on a TikTok video where a family alleged “hacks” making their child taller to get onto an attraction. After backlash they made three more videos. One indignant video addressing the controversy, one video where the father “apologized” to those that supported them and got attacked, while reiterating the video would remain up. Finally they put up an actual apology video yesterday along with the removal of all the other videos (and a snarky joke video about putting your kid in the dryer.)

What was the backlash about?

In the original short, The Kelly Fam state that their son loved attractions and showed him being too short for a 40″ attraction height marker. Then they implied that they hacked shoes to make him taller. Which of course is NOT something anyone should do at any theme park because height restrictions are there to make sure one safely stays inside an attraction.

This of course did not go over well with audiences telling them how dangerous this was and tagging in Disney.

In the next video, which has been removed, the father said that their son never rode the attractions with the shoes and instead rode other attractions that he was tall enough for including “Slinky Dog Dash” and “Smugglers Run.”  Viewers accused him of “gaslighting” them and trying to back pedal. Many mentioned that they called the first video a “hack” implying they were giving a trick for others to use. That seems to be the issue for most people.

Yet another video was then posted where the father talked about how he was flawed, loved Jesus and then apologized to his fans that defended him and got attacked. Doubling down on the video saying he did nothing wrong and would not be removing it.

Finally, both the husband and the wife did a video apologizing and they removed the other three videos around the controversy. Many are wondering why they did not do this in the first place. I’m wondering if sponsors threatened to withdraw support. Others seemed to wonder the same.

The most popular comments said it felt like they were reading something scripted.

Wonder which PR firm wrote this script” – Homesick Martian

So obviously reading a scripted speech” -Kelly Baldwin

When business opportunities are at risk, reality set in. His videos and comments were hard to watch.”  – Lori Murray

We had more influence then we thought…” Did you know we’re kind of a big deal??” -Veritas

They waited until views started going down on the video to take it down. Had to make sure to make bank while it was hot and getting a lot of attention-Brady

Then someone said they might have gotten a call from Disney, to which they answered and it started more drama.

While I do not agree with bullying creators simply because I don’t agree with them, this instance could have had dangerous consequences for children if other parents tried to copy their “hack.” It could have been resolved early on by the removal of the video and an actual apology prior to the video getting so big. People do make mistakes and that’s understandable, but what people have gotten most upset by was the attitude presented.

It does seem to be resolved at this point. I do think they should have apologized sooner, but they have now. I’m sure moving forward they will be more mindful of what they put out, and not make anymore “hacks” for children.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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