The Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Has Even More Availability Than Before Despite What Others Say


If you are a Disney parks fan I’m sure you are aware of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel coming to Walt Disney World and all the drama surrounding it. If not, just know that Disney has a ridiculously priced hotel where you stay less than 48 hours to “live” Star Wars. After they released peeks of the hotel, many started canceling reservations.

About 10 days ago we took a look at the bookings and March was almost sold out again. Let’s be honest, the bloggers, influencers and die-hard fans are going to go first. Honestly, I expected it to be sold out until at least August. Well, contrary to how some blogs are trying to spin it saying that despite it “failing” it’s filling up, that is indeed not true.

June has gotten some more bookings, but July has full availability now.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Here is the booking chart from January 3, 2022:

As you can see there were only 3 days open in March almost 10 days ago.  April has opened up more since.


When you compare April has lost about half of it’s bookings and May has lost even more. I have noticed that May the 4th has been full for awhile now, which is to be expected.

To be fair it could very well be due to COVID and travel concerns, but if that were the case why is March still full?

June has filled up more, with only four days open, but July lost it’s two sold out days and it is wide open as is August.

Here is from January 3, 2022:

Here is today:

August is not shown, but it’s completely available.

Despite what is being spun, it is not filling up fast. March only has a couple of days open to begin with and except for June gaining a few sold out days, it’s actually been offset with all the openings that have been added.

The pricing is putting many off:

If you are into the idea of the hotel by all means go, you have tons of choices for availability! But don’t’ fall for the fake FOMO being spread to get people to book trips.

If I’m being honest a lot of the openings aren’t just the expense for what you get, I’m sure the pending inflation and spread of COVID has a lot to do with why it’s all staying open too. I think people are waiting to see how it is as well. That’s a massive amount of money to spend, especially in this economy, for something that is less than expectations.

But it’s all adding up to an big issue for Disney. Maybe after they open, if they allow actual videos and photos, and fair reviews, it will fill up very fast. But from what I’ve seen behind-the-scenes, the cuts, the generic “sci-fi” feel, etc. I have some very real concerns about how this is going to play out.

Hopefully I’m wrong. But I’m not going to try and talk people into something that I’m not that confident in yet myself. That’s why we’re a different kind of blog.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.


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