The Forgotten Shorts Of Winnie The Pooh


Winnie the Pooh is one of Disney’s most iconic and popular characters selling over $80 Billion in Merchandise alone since its inception. The series has gone on to have around a dozen films (both theatrical and direct-to-video) and spawned many television shows and video/computer games.

Of course many of you already knew that, same way that you knew about the 1977 film The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The film was actually a compilation of three previously made shots from 1966, 1968 and 1972, and were all edited together for a theatrical length experience. 

The first short was Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, about Pooh asking everyone for a smackerel of honey. The second was Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day where Pooh meets Tigger, and a great raid floods the Hundred Acre Wood. The third was Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too where Rabbit and friends try to get Tigger off his habit of bouncing. But did you know that Disney would later make two more Pooh shorts?

In 1981 the Disney Educational Media Company made an educational special for the Disney Channel called Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons. The short stars Pooh (Voiced by: Hal Smith) as he was given a calendar for the upcoming year and is taught about the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The short was under ten minutes long.


John Feilder (the voice of Piglet) was the only returning actor from the previous shorts.

The second short was called Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore. The short was released in 1983 as part of a theatrical re-release of 1963’s The Sword in the Stone.

Here you see Pooh (Once again voiced by: Hal Smith) and his friend all playing “Pooh Sticks” when they see Eeyore floating down the river. Eeyore is upset that nobody remembered his birthday, so Pooh and Piglet try to find gifts for Eeyore. In the end Pooh and friends celebrate Eeyore’s birthday with a party. Peter Winchell also returns to voice Tigger.

This short was based on the sixth chapter of the 1928 novel The House at Pooh Corner.

Despite being part of the classic era of Winnie the Pooh both shorts sadly seem to have been forgotten to time. While the 1983 short did receive a release on VHS as well as being a bonus feature on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh DVD/BluRay the 1981 short has seemingly been left to deteriorate.

Hopefully these two shorts might be rediscovered and be allowed spots on Disney+ alongside all the other Pooh media.

What do you think? Do you remember either of these shorts? Do you think they should be preserved and shown on Disney+?

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