The Droid Depot Has Apparently Run Out of Carrying Boxes


Disney seems to be facing yet another “supply chain” issue, this time impacting the other building experience at Galaxy’s Edge–Droid Depot. Now guests are being given plastic bags and not the “carry box” that’s listed in the write-up as part of the build-your-own-droid experience.

Previously there was outrage when Disney ran out of “carrying cases” for the twice as expensive, Savi’s Workshop build-a-lightsaber experience. Unlike the lightsaber issue Disney is not offering any kind of discount for the droid building experience.

Once again, guests are not happy because their expensive souvenir doesn’t have something actually protective to carry it in. But I’m going to say that I don’t think this is as big of a deal as the Savi’s workshop issue.

For starters, the lightsabers are far more fragile and the case helped with transporting on a flight. The droids are much smaller and while they can break, it isn’t as easy.

Another reason is that the lightsaber “carrying cases” were actually manufactured specifically for the items safety. The Droid Depot boxes not so much. They are basically boxes with no other extra work other than the printing on them. Sure they’re better than a plastic bag, but I don’t see why this should require it, unlike the lightsabers.

They are like the boxes you get at Build-A-Bear. Cool looking but not necessary and not really worth a discount.

But hey, maybe someone really had their heart set on getting a box? It’s possible.

I think it’s the principle of the thing for many. It be interesting to see if the boxes return after the “supply issues” have been resolved.

If you were wondering about the Droid Depot experience, here’s a video from when my husband and son made one.

(Honestly the droids are worth the money, the lightsabers no so much.)

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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