The Disney Channel Has Its Final Broadcast In Southeast Asia


As Disney continues its push to streaming with Disney Plus more and more international markets are being cut out of the picture in terms of traditional cable. Places in Europe, Asia and South America have already been experiencing this and it is only a matter of time before Disney plans to do this in North America as well just to get your Disney+ subscription.

The Disney Channel began airing in Southeast Asia in 1996 and aired in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Palau, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The channel ran various classic Disney cartoons and shows, including Playhouse Disney/Disney Jr. shows in the morning for little kids.

September 30th was the final broadcast of the channel in that part of the world. A viewer was able to catch the last seconds of the channel running. The last program aired was Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

It’s an almost haunting feeling when you see a channel you watched for many years just disappear like that. I recall when Jetix stopped airing, the only thing on the screen what white static.

The Disney Channel isn’t the only network that was shut down. All ABC and Fox related networks under the Disney banner were also shut off. Disney has continued to push streaming, especially in the Asian markets, to try and boost their subscriber count so that they might have a chance at surpassing Netflix.

The Disney Channel in Southeast Asia will now be replaced by The Dreamwork’s Channel under Comcast/NBCUniversal. Who knows what major markets might be next for termination as more and more networks are leaving cable for direct-to-consumer content, cutting out the middle man cable providers. 

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