The Comic That Shows George Lucas’ Original Vision Of Star Wars


Years before we got the Star Wars that we all know and love there were multiple drafts and revisions to the story and concept. Many things such as the names of characters, the order of events and even concepts of how the force and universe worked were all being worked out.

But have you ever wanted to visually see what Star Wars would have been like had George Lucas stuck with his earlier concepts? Well writer Jonathan W. Rinzer decided that he wanted to see it come to life as well. He tamed up with artist Mike Mayhew and developed an 8 issue series called “The Star Wars”. The series was published by Dark horse Comics from September 2013 – May 2014.

The art direction for the series was based on the famous Ralph McQuarrie production drawings when Lucas was still developing the story.

The series follows young teenage Jedi-Bendu, Annikin Starkiller, son of Kane Starkiller, as he helps in the rescue of the Aquilae Royal Family from the Galactic Empire. Annikin learns the ways of the Jedi-Bendu under the tutelage of General Luke Skywalker and becomes close with Princess Leia.

Along the way we have versions of Han Solo, who is a reptilian in this version, Chewbacca and well as C-3PO and R2-D2 (who in this version can speak). The role of Darth Vader has been split in two, as we have the more militaristic Darth Vader and the Sith Knight named Prince Valorum.

The heroes eventually find their way to the planet Yavin, home of the Wookiees and befriend them. They, along with the Wookiees, battle the Empire on their Yavin base.

Annikin rescues Leia, leads a squadron of fighters to destroy the Empire’s space fortress and then is appointed “Lord Protector of Aquilae” by Leia, now Queen. 

This is indeed an interesting version of Star Wars. As the film series developed many elements of this original draft were changed around and recycled in later films, both in the Original Trilogy and even the Prequel trilogy.

Even though it never came to be, this version of Star Wars does have its fans. YouTube Channel “The Dave School” made a concept trailer of what it would have possibly looked like in motion:

If you are a hardcore Star Wars fan and have ever wondered what Lucas’ original drafts might have looked like, or are just curious, I highly recommend checking this comic out. It has since been collected into multiple Trades that include all 8 issues.

What do you think of this version of Star Wars? Do you think they should develop a movie or series based on this alternate take of Star Wars?

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