The Classic Version of Hercules Joins Marvel Legends

The mighty son of Zeus is alive with all his scantily clad glory! Marvel’s Hercules is back in the Legends line, but this time sporting his classic … costume?

Marvel | Hasbro
Marvel | Hasbro
Marvel | Hasbro
Marvel | Hasbro

I mean, what would you call this? I’m of a very similar build to Herc, and even I wouldn’t wear that thing. I mean, maybe if I started an OnlyFans account. Yes, that settles it. I’m buying the costume and charging $50 per month for people to look at my amazing physique.

Hercules appears on the classic Toy Biz packaging and comes with his golden mace, multiple interchangeable hands, and an alternate head. He can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth for $22.99. Herc should be descending from Mount Olympus in October 2022.

1990 was the year that changed the superhero toy industry. Toy Biz, after flubbing up the DC Superheroes and Batman toy lines, regrouped and started pumping out figures based on Marvel’s most notable characters.

In that initial wave, the most notable included icons were Punisher, Spider-Man, Captain America. Sure, they were a bit basic and came with odd action features, but from there, Toy Biz skyrocketed the Marvel brand into store shelf domination.

The Marvel line moved from your standard heroes into X-MEN and eventually graduated into more collectible lines and featured far more articulation. Then it all ended in 2007. Seventeen years and producing nearly every character of note in the Marvel Universe. That’s one amazing run.

What Toy Biz started does live on. The Marvel Legends line continues with characters featuring lots of detail and articulation. The packaging is where this product lacks, though. The somewhat plain boxes don’t pop on toy shelves.

So, when I saw that Hasbro started issuing figures in the 1990 style packaging that Toy Biz made famous, I was quite pleased. It’s bright, colorful, and reminds me of why I loved Marvel Comics.

What other Marvel characters would you like to see appear on the eye-catching Toy Biz-inspired card backs? Should Hasbro try to relaunch some of the classic molds? Remember the first Nightcrawler with the suction cup on his one hand and knee? Or the awkward Spider-Man with two suction cup hands? Oh … Yes, I want to see that craziness back on selves!

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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