The Best Desserts of EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts


Onto the real reason we’re at EPCOT: the food! The park’s seasonal events typically come with a cornucopia of unique eats. The International Festival of the Arts is no different. So we set out to find some of the most interesting and visually striking dishes out there. We’ll highlight a few here, and check out the gallery below for a complete view of everything we sampled during our trip. For a complete list of what the Festival has in store, check out our menu guide.

Me? I’m a dessert man. So you put mousse in front of me, and I’ll eat it.

The Orange Mousse was an oddity but a very welcome one. The lemon cake and meringues were fantastic, but the mousse was not the powerhouse of citrus flavor that I thought it would be.

Now, this isn’t to say that the dish should not be ignored. There are dollops of lemon and blue raspberry gel on the plate, and they work well mixed with a bite of the mousse. What makes this one of my favorite desserts is the presentation and the two meringues. The item as a whole is a must-have even when a part of it isn’t as strong as one had hoped.

Co-mingling with the Orange Mousse was the Decadent Valrhona Chocolate. The Valrhona was coupled with dark chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, and cassis mousse. Much like the Orange Mousse, the presentation alone makes this thing a must-buy.

Sadly there was something we’d encounter more than once during our journey into gluttony: shortages. The Mousse, which should be on top of the crumbles, was absent. It’s a small matter, which as we continue is the trend. Nothing major is missing from these dishes, but the supply chain issues of recent years can be felt throughout the festival.

The Passion Fruit Mousse at Vibrante & Vívido: Encanto Cocina was another eye-catching creation. This one hit the mark on every level except for one. Now, we have to make some concessions due to the supply chain issues going on right now. Disney is not exempt from this. It was around 11:30 AM when I reached the V&V stall, but at this point, they’d already run out of the white chocolate flower that adorns the dessert in the promotional photos.

Now, to be honest, this little bit of garnish isn’t a deal-breaker. Usually, I never eat it, and it is a common item typically paired with other desserts of this kind in EPCOT. So, I won’t count that against it. Regardless of the missing decorative piece, the passion fruit mousse is absolutely amazing. The texture of the mousse is a bit like a flan with a hidden dome of dragon fruit jam on the inside.

The jam itself could be mistaken for a piece of dragon fruit as it is pretty dense and retains the color and seeds of the unique fruit. The entire thing is sweet, but not to the point where it tastes more like candy than a well-crafted culinary concoction.

Over in France, we took a bite out of every food item on the menu because there has not been one year that the French food has ever disappointed us. The Moelleux aux Noisettes et Chocolats Valrhona was perfect but with just a little too much powdered sugar. The moelleux is small compared to other sweets on offer at EPCOT during the festival but packs a lot of flavors.

The molten chocolate made for the perfect mouth warmer on this cold day. The cake itself is light, but sadly the chocolate was already spilling out of the bottom. So, if you get this one, make sure to eat it quick.

The Opera Cake at Pastoral Palate is another case of form and function coming together. This work of art is one part dessert architecture, one part enemy to the diet. The long rectangle is constructed from almond joconde, coffee buttercream, and chocolate ganache. If the coffee aspect has you worried because the flavor isn’t your favorite, don’t worry.

The coffee flavor is minimalized by the almond and ganache. The whole cake is an easy affair when it comes to eating on the go. The fork cut right through the thing, and the various layers stayed intact. So, you’re not stabbing at the thing over and over to get one mouthful of the entire flavor profile.

Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts runs until February 21st, 2022. Click here to check out our story about the Figment Bucket Fiasco and the endless construction walls around Spaceship Earth.

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