That’s It? Let’s Take A Look At the $100 Quantum-sized Pym-ini Sandwich


Disney is not known for giving guests “deals” and the new $99.99 sandwich at the Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure showcases that further.

Before we begin, we are aware that “Disney prices” and real world prices are not the same thing.

You rarely look at an $6 cupcake in your daily life and think “What a Deal!”  But at Disney an expensive item seems less expensive.

Case in point. The new “Quantum-sized” sandwich at Pym Test Kitchens in the newly opened Avengers Campus.

Early images were very blurred and didn’t actually give us the idea of how big the sandwich actually is.  Now we can see it and it’s not anywhere near the size one would expect given the “Quantum” name and the price tag.

They posted a video of it on their TikTok:


@disneyparksAnyone seen a quantum sized Pym-ini being eaten by a family? @myhealthydish ##Disney ##DisneyParks ##Disneyland ##CaliforniaAdventure ##AvengersCampus

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Now to be fair you do get fries and a salad as well. The price of a single Pym-ini is around $15.

When you consider that it seems like a good deal.

But when you put it up against the real world, and compare it to 3-foot and 6-foot subway sandwiches,  it seems terribly overpriced.

Then there’s the rumors that food prices may increase at theme parks, including Disney, due to inflation. Soon that $100 sandwich might be $109.99.

All this being said, it’s normal for theme parks to upcharge on things like food and especially on beverages. Disney has been trying extra hard to squeeze out as much as they can from guests. They count on FOMO (fear of missing out) with items like this.

If you have a family and you were going to spend that anyway, go for it.  But temper your expectations on the size of this “Quantum” sandwich.

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