Texas Chainsaw Massacre HHN30 House Review

Photo by Kimmie CaputzaL

Towards the end of my RIP tour night at Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) this year, I went into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house. Personally, I was not overly excited to enter this house and my spouse decided to sit this one out and visit the Tribute Store nearby. I had been told it was gory and I am not a fan of horror movies. In addition, I have not seen the 1974 version of this movie or any other more modern version.

Of course, I did know who the character of Leatherface was for this intellectual property.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

For this house, our tour guide Jim did not have to tell us much. He did tell us we would encounter more of the Sawyer family.

That was true.

The Universal promo for this house reads “Step into the dilapidated Texas home of the depraved, sadistic Sawyer family who welcome you with razor-sharp blades and a roaring chainsaw.”

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

This house had the expected eerie impression and the sound of chainsaws was running everywhere in this house. I do have to say that Universal likes the sound of chainsaws.  If there is a way to scare you with as chainsaw then it is done in this house.

You will meet every possible family member that can use a chainsaw to give you a fright. Though some of the scares were predictable, I think I got most of them.

However, I can see someone going through this house missing most of the scares if you were in wrong spot in conga line.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

In my opinion, the set design was outstanding for this house. The grossness factor was high compared to most of the other houses. Depending on your perspective, the use of animal props will be funny, terrifying, or offensive.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Depending on what you are looking for during HHN, and where you are in line,  this house could be the a star with classic gross scares and chainsaws or just an average house if you felt you missed too many scares.

I was told later that this house was supposedly set a few years after the 1974 movie. If you are a big horror movie fan, then this might matter to you. Though, I did not sense any of that plot.

In fairness, I thought the house plot was average at best. However, you are going into this house knowing how most of the scares will happen. Yes, the scares may be predictable but what else can expect from this house idea?

Photo by Kimmie CaputzaL

Some guests did not appreciate this house as much because this same property was used for HHN26.

This was not my favorite house. However, it was adequately scary to meet its responsibilities as a HHN house.  Perhaps the best touch is the BBQ food tent themed to this property where you can get food ideally created to match this experience. Maybe you will prefer the BBQ to the house, but this house is a good part of HHN30.



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