Terrorize the Seven Seas With Beast Kingdom’s Davy Jones Figure


The Dead Man’s Chest holds a horrible secret. Would you be willing to usher souls into the next life forever if it meant you would be immortal? OK, it sounds like an alright deal. But, you can only set foot on land once every ten years. Oh, and if you forego your duty, you develop a rather fishy disposition.

Man, Davy Jones really did get a raw deal in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He loved the goddess of the sea, and she dropped him as soon as he took on his mythic chauffeuring job. That dude got done dirty by Calypso.

Though he may be dead in the series (maybe?), you can own your own squid-headed terror of the Seven Seas thanks to the Beast Kingdom.

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Disney | Beast Kingdom
Disney | Beast Kingdom
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Disney | Beast Kingdom
Disney | Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ launches the latest DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) with the wildly popular Davey Jones character, accompanying the previous launch of Jack Sparrow.

Recreating the intricate, monstrous design of the character, every detail including the underwater appearance of Davey is recreated. Multi-layered painting makes the slimy, moss-ridden clothing with barnacles pop into real life. 20 points of articulation combined with a host of accessories such as the broadsword, cane, and the Dead Man’s Chest gives fans ample ways to pose this DAH figure. For fans of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones character, this is one figure ready to take his place next to the DAH Jack Sparrow in the depths of the Caribbean oceans!

The undead captain of the Flying Dutchman comes with the following features and accessories:

  • 20 points of articulation
  • Replaceable captain’s coat and right arm, made of PVC
  • Removable captain’s hat
  • Davy Jones broadsword
  • Sheath for sword
  • Dead Man’s Chest (Chest can be opened)
  • Removable cane
  • One pipe
  • Three (3) replaceable right hands (cane-holding hand, sword-holding hand, and grip hand)
  • Special, branded figure base with bracket

Click here to pre-order your own cap’n. Davy Jones will set you back $132.99 and should ship in May 2022.

Jones was one of the most striking CGI villains to grace the silver screen. The Pirates movies may have been a bit blah after the first two, but Davy Jones was a joy to watch thanks to remarkable computer animation and Bill Nighy’s performance.

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