Sweet Almond Corn Cake at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2022


Most of my ventures into the world of Halloween themed food at Magic Kingdom this year, so far, have been average at best. The Halloween food offerings have displayed Instagram worthy appearance in most cases. Still, the flavor and general quality has trailed behind. Yet, if you want a sweet treat that looks good in photo, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café offers the full package. Be aware that you may have to overlook the potentially deceiving appearance of this tasty sugar filled treat. Still, the one I was served failed to live up to the photogenic level of others.

The Sweet Almond Corn Cake, ONLY available during the Not So Scary Party, costs $5.79. The menu description for it reads almond vanilla cake dipped in white, orange, and yellow chocolate topped with candy corn. Now, if you have not seen a picture of this yet, then you probably do not get the point about deceiving appearance. In simple terms, at a distance, this looks like corn on the cob. Of course, upon closer inspection, you will see actual candy corns attached to this cake. The Disney chefs/bakers performed beyond expectations creating the appearance of this themed treat. This cake comes to you in corn on the cob costume fitting for a Halloween party.

Photo courtesy of MainStMagic.com

So how is this corn cake? The texture overall resembles a dense style cake. I heard some compare this to a pound cake in that way. I understand that comparison but feel it functions as inadequate though. This dense cake avoids dryness issue—at least in terms of my experience and others I consulted. Though some expected (and tasted) a “sweet” cornbread type flavor, this creation tastes very much like cake. Of course, I am from a region of the USA in which cornbread does not involve a sweetness factor.

This cake comes drizzled with light icing and candy corns. For under $6 at Walt Disney World, the portion size exceeds expectations. The white style chocolate on top tasted good but not sure matches the cake portion ideally. Some guests found this icing to be too sweet. I think those guest’s issue related to the non-traditional flavor of icing. The icing tastes good but not as appearance would tell you. Perhaps I just expect lots of sugar at a Halloween party. Still, this minor complaint should not dissuade you from purchasing this sweet treat.

On the other hand, if you start experiencing sugar overload during the Halloween party, then this treat will complete the process. Yet, if the only criticism one has for a Halloween treat relates to being filled with too much sugar, I define that as a win for Disney. On a side note, on opening night, mobile order for this treat failed to function properly even though some Cast Members said to mobile order. As you “Boo This”, good luck to you with mobile ordering.

The sweet almond corn cake looks and tastes better than would be expected. The value shines with this treat compared with other treats this year. At this point, in my whirlwind tour of Halloween food at Magic Kingdom, this one ranks towards the top.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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