Super7’s Disney Ultimates Wave 2 Features Alice and The Mad Hatter!

Super7 | Disney

Man, I’ve been covering Super7 a lot these past couple of weeks.

If you remember, back to last year, Super7 launched the Disney Ultimates line with Sorcerer Mickey, Pinnochio, and Prince John (‘Robin Hood’). Not really the characters I’d start a toy line with, but Super7 is making leaps and bounds in just one wave!

Wave 2, which is up for preorder now, hit a lot of high notes. Included in this upcoming lineup are:

  • Alice (‘Alice in Wonderland’)
  • The Mad Hatter (‘Alice in Wonderland’)
  • Robin Hood & His Stork Disguise (‘Robin Hood’)
  • Hyacinth Hippo (‘Fantasia’)
Super7 | Disney

Just look at all the accessories! I was sold the second I saw Mad Hatter. Partially because I’m a huge fan of Ed Wynn, and the level of detail and accessories make him an amazing display piece.


Super7 | Disney

The Hyacinth Hippo is a surprise. When I first saw a shot of her, I thought she’d come packaged with Ben Ali Gator, similar to how Robin comes with the Stork. Since we’ve seen a Fantasia figure in both waves, he’ll probably appear in Wave 3.

Super7 | Disney

Robin is a very welcome addition, too! Now, this means Little John had better be in the third wave. Or at least give us the Sheriff before getting around to Marian.


Super7 | Disney

Alice is the barebones part of this set. It’s great to have her here, no doubt. I only wish she had more stuff. A red paintbrush or the flamingo croquet club, maybe? Or even one of the playing card men. Then again, those may come with the Queen of Hearts in the future.

Super7 | Disney

Honestly, this wave is head and shoulders above the first.

Now. For the bad news. These figures come at a premium price. Each one is $55.00. However, these are all “made to order.” Each toy is about 7″ tall and comes with soft goods materials rather than all-plastic clothing where applicable.

What are your thoughts on this and the previous wave from Super7? Let us know in the comments.

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