Super7 Has Universal Monsters Figures, Masks, Glasses and More

Universal Monsters fans, Super7 has a bunch of fantastic monster themed merchandise. They even have some of the more unusual ones too! From masks to figures they have you covered!

Let’s take a look!


They offer several Re-Action figures to choose from. These are in smaller runs so they are a bit pricey but they are nice figures.

Bride of Frankenstein- $18

Based on the 1935 film.

Dracula – $18

Based on the 1931 film

Phantom of the Opera – $18

Based on the 1925 silent film.

Frankenstein – $18

Based on the 1931 film.

Revenge of the Creature – $18

Based on the 1955 film

Mask of the Red Death – $18

Based on the 1925 Phantom of the Opera film.

Mole Man – $18

Based on the 1956 The Mole People film.

The Mummy – $18

Based on the 1932 film.

Metaluna Mutant – $18

Based on the 1955 film This Island Earth.

The Wolf Man – $18

Based on the 1941 film.

Universal Retro Monsters Masks

These remind me of the old Ben Cooper costumes. They are designed by artist Doug P’gosh in collaboration with Retro-a-go-go. “Made of high quality plastic with an elastic head band and with retro packaging that will remind you of being a child before the Internet.

Creature From the Black Lagoon (Green version) – $20

Wolf Man (Yellow Version) – $20

Wolf Man (Blue Version) – $20

Bride of Frankenstein Green Version – $20

Bride of Frankenstein Blue Version – $20

Whenever I see the Wolf Man mask I think of The Carousel of Progress in the 1940’s with Jim’s wearing the costume when he carved Patty’s portrait.


I really love these!

The Mummy SuperBucket – $20

The Wolf Man SuperBucket – $20

The Creature From the Black Lagoon SuperBucket – $20

Frankenstein Superbucket – $20

Drinkware Glasses

There three choices, Wolf Man, Frankenstein and The Mummy – $12 each

Universal Monsters Puffy Stickers – $6


They have a few different shirt designs you can find HERE.

Paper People 

They have either Frankenstein or the Wolf Man for $25

55″ long and jointed.

You can find all these and more over at Super7!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Super7

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