Super Nintendo World Official Opens In Universal Japan


Good news for Nintendo lovers.  The first Super Nintendo World has opened in Universal Japan.

Previously there was a bit of a preview but the area wasn’t officially open. However it has officially opened as part of the park on March 18, 2021.

The park was opened by Shigeru Miyamoto,  the creator of Super Mario and President and CEO of Universal Studios Japan, J.L. Bonnier. They were jointed by the Super Mario World Team Members, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

To open the park “Super Mario fans jumped in Mario’s iconic pose and cheered “WE ARE
MARIO!” while festive confetti burst into the sky to commemorate the

The new Super Nintendo Land isn’t the only event the park is celebrating! This opening kicks off a year-long 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Several of the people involved in this fantastic endeavor offered comments including Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario!

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD brings the world of Mario games to life. The moment you enter the park, you will be amazed at how real everything feels. But that’s not all. The creative team at Universal has not only done a great job recreating the Mushroom Kingdom, but they have also made some amazing rides.
For the Mario Kart ride in particular, the teams at Universal and Nintendo worked closely together to build something that’s never been seen before, by combining our extensive industry knowledge and utilizing cutting-edge technology. I am excited for fans of all ages to experience the world of Mario in all new ways.
Guests were seen enjoying all the area from the moment they entered.
Tom Williams, Chairman & CEO, Universal Parks & Resorts has this to say:
SUPER NINTENDO WORLD is the perfect blend of Nintendo games and theme park
experiences, and brings the world of these incredibly popular games to life. This will surely amaze and delight not only fans of the park, but also Nintendo fans around the world. We look forward to sharing SUPER NINTENDO WORLD with our fans in Japan and bringing the experience to life at other Universal theme park destinations in the future.

One thing that Universal Japan did was make sure to work with Mr. Miyamoto to make the experience as creative, immersive, and authentic to the characters, as they could.

Mark Woodbury, Vice Chairman, Universal Parks & Resorts & President, Universal Creative talked about this with his statement:
“SUPER NINTENDO WORLD brings the world of Nintendo to life in an incredibly special way and offers a wide range of activities made possible by innovative technologies and creativity unlike anything seen before! Our amazing partnership with Mr. Miyamoto means that many of his ideas are packed into every corner of this land for our fans to explore on their own.
When guests can make that deep connection to something they know and love, that just takes the experience and makes it much more important and memorable.  People want  experiences that feel like the IP and that put you into what you love.
J.L. Bonnier, President & CEO, Universal Studios Japan talked about how important that is and how it’s a game changer (pun intended.)
Being Mario is no longer just a dream. At SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, you can do everything Mario does. This experience completely revolutionizes theme park entertainment. We are especially proud that. Universal Studios Japan will be the first place in the world to feature SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, especially since Nintendo was created and brought to life here in Japan.

Something else to be excited about are the new ‘Power-Up-Bands’

These new bands enable guests to be more immersed and engaged in the experience.

Guests can purchase a Power-Up Band in the land and sync it to their smartphones to track their score and compete with other park guests.

The data is collected across many areas of the park, in challenge areas, etc.


This is something I’m incredibly excited about. Super Nintendo Land has some of cutest merchandise! I can’t wait to see the pieces come to the United States.

The version in Japan will be the first to open, but there are plans for the park to come to both Universal Studios Hollywood and Epic Universe in Orlando.  I can’t wait!

If you are a Nintendo fan, be sure to read about the new 5-Part Series about the history of the company called “Power to the Players.

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Source: Press Release Universal Japan

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