Summer Tribute Store Opening at Universal Studios Florida


As I have heard often over the last year of so, Universal Orlando never get too nostalgic about the attractions within their theme parks. Universal Studios Florida serves as a prime example of this lately. So, few attractions still exist from opening day at Universal Studios Florida. Now this perceived lack of nostalgia bothers some guests. In addition, all the construction walls currently within Universal Studios Florida can be overwhelming.

In fairness, Universal Orlando knows their guests enjoy the memories of old attractions and movies. Universal Orlando sells plenty of retro style merchandise. They offer a “Legacy” store in CityWalk that features props from various attractions of past and present.

An interesting way Universal Orlando shows a willingness to change things can be seen with their Tribute Stores in Universal Studios Florida. These walkthrough merchandise filled attractions started during Halloween Horror Nights. They evolved to be part of Mardi Gras. Then, they became part of the holiday season and now part of the summer season. Last year, for example, guests could experience a Jurassic World Tribute Store in the summer months.

Though rumors of a summer version started flying around early April this year. Only recently do we see signs of a summer Tribute Store. On Friday May 20th, Universal Orlando Resort posted on their social media about this store showing the façade that went up overnight.


The rumor for some time has involved a theme for the summer of retro movies. We have nothing official as of time of writing. However, based on the façade and rumors, we should expect a Tribute Store focusing on Universal movie properties from the 1980s and 1990s. If you love the idea of going back in time (and then maybe Back to the Future), this merchandise-filled attraction could be for you.

Over the next few days, we should see more about this Tribute Store. Until then, get your popcorn ready for a journey back in time. We should expect excellent looking props. Of course, we should expect some themed retro style treats within this Tribute Store. Though many changes are happening at Universal Studios Florida, this one should hold us until Halloween Horror Nights

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