Studio Ghibli Teases Lucasfilm Collaboration


Studio Ghibli has just teased a possible collaboration with Lucasfilm on social media. A 15 second clip featuring the Lucasfilm logo and then the Studio Ghibli logo was posted on the official Ghibli Twitter account sending fans into a frenzy.


Disney has worked with Studio Ghibli in the past, distributing their films in the United States. But now it appears that the anime powerhouse might be teaming up with Lucasfilm and the most obvious way would be do do something with the popular ‘Star Wars: Visions’ series.

Since ‘Visions’ has been animated by several different Japanese studios, it would stand to reason to get one of the most famous on board for an episode or project.

However some pointed out that it could be Lucasfilm doing a new project or live-action adaptation of a Ghibli film too.


However, no official word has been given on what the collaboration is.

Fans have theories and comments!


Whatever the project is bringing in Studio Ghibli is a smart move. Their work is beloved and the news has people excited.

I’m just waiting till I see what the collaboration is. If it’s something for ‘Star Wars: Visions’ or something new okay, but if it’s a live-action version of one of their films, I’m less enthusiastic. Disney + live-action hasn’t been all that great so far.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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