Strange Barrier Appears in Disneyland’s ToonTown To Stop Climbing?

Photo Credit: Disney

Recently Disneyland’s reimagined ToonTown opened to the public with the new El Capitoon Theater that houses Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Now a barrier, that resembles children’s bed rails, has appeared.

Photo Credit: Disney

When the new ToonTown area reopened there were issues almost immediately. Mostly in the new Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway show building as guests started stealing and breaking props in the queue area.

Another issue that got noticed was kids climbing up the fake rocks around the land, mostly near Donald Duck’s boat.

Photo Credit: Disney

Now this is not unusual as we have noticed this behavior at Walt Disney World too. Especially in the line for ‘Under the Sea-The Journey of the Little Mermaid’ attraction. Parents either do not pay attention and are on their phones, or simply do not care that their children are putting themselves, and potentially others, in danger as they crawl all over the rocks.

Twitter user @SpenceMountain posted this image on April 4, showing children climbing on the rocks and one child up into a raised section. Rightfully pointing out the dangers. It’s also against park rules.

Now another Twitter user @SammyLand6 has posted an image of what they believe is a new area of climbable set pieces being blocked off by some kind of barrier.

Of course, Disney can not block off the entirety of ToonTown but parents need to start paying attention to what their kids are doing. If a child gets hurt by participating in prohibited behavior, the parents will likely threaten to sue Disney, even though it can easily be argued that it was their own fault.

Parents watch your kids!

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