Stocking Stuffers or Coal: Monogram’s ‘Eternals’ Blind Bags Are A Thing

Monogram is known for blind bags containing small knick-knacks based on popular films. They’re tiny, cute, and adorn many backpacks I see at my kid’s school when I pick her up. The company is now producing based on MARVEL’s latest entry into its cinematic universe, Eternals. Yay?

We spotted these little beady-eyed heroes over at Each blind bag from Monogram comes with one Eternals character connected to a plastic clip. So you can collect them all if you head over to your local Hot Topic.


All your favorite heroes are here. There’s that guy! And warrior gal! Hey, look, they’ve even got pixie cut Sam! But, of course, who doesn’t want Emo Steven dangling from their purse or gym bag? Oh boy! I hope I get the amorphous blob creature in my next blind bag purchase!

During the Christmas season, I like to give friends stockings filled with weird stuff. Sometimes it’s swag I picked up at a press event or random vending machine oddities from abroad. Blind bags tend to be a crowdpleaser, too.

Quite a few friends have loved the Monogram keychain blind bags from their favorite movies, but I’m not sure who would want ones based on the MARVEL film Eternals this year. The movie isn’t doing super right now in theatres, according to Mr. Milo.

I have nothing against the film, but it landed with such a thud that I cannot fathom Eternals having the lasting power of The Avengers. Even a trip to the toy store will have you looking at pegs full of Eternals characters where loads of Shang Chi figures once resided like Rose Tico. Is this a marketing problem? Is it a “don’t put arthouse directors in charge of your multi-million dollar superhero movie” problem?

The most important question is this. Are these stocking stuffers, or would some people consider them a form of coal? Let us know in the comments section.


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