Steakhouse 71 Vegetable ‘Wellington’ Review

Steakhouse 71

Since opening in October 2021, Steakhouse 71 has become one of the harder-to-acquire advanced dining reservations at Walt Disney World Resort. Steakhouse 71 serves a unique plant-based option called the Vegetable “Wellington.”

Steakhouse 71

If desiring a visit to Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the dinner timeslots continue to be the hardest to get. Yet, with some flexibility, you can acquire a reservation there.

Steakhouse 71

One of the unique things about Steakhouse 71 is that they serve three different menus daily. Though there is some crossover, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus offer mostly exclusive items to that time of day. The lunch menu features the Stack Burger and the Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich. One prominent exception is the popular vegan option, the Vegetable “Wellington. This can be ordered for lunch and dinner.

Now, you may be thinking, why would I go to a steak place to order a vegan entrée? The obvious first answer would relate to being a vegan diner, and your group wanted to go to a steak place. Another possible explanation, especially at Steakhouse 71, links to the fact that many steak places offer great entrees in other categories. In addition, Steakhouse 71 serves far more than just steak, especially at lunchtime.

The Vegetable Wellington at Steakhouse 71

The Vegetable “Wellington” costs $26 at Steakhouse 71. Steakhouse 71 very carefully put the term “Wellington” in quotes to distinguish it from a traditional one. You would think that placing the word vegetable in front would be enough, but some guests still express confusion. I suspect you will have no confusion since the menu description tells us to expect mushroom duxelles and fire-roasted artichokes wrapped in a puff pastry. This also comes with a romesco sauce and brussels sprouts. If you are unfamiliar with the term “duxelles,” Taste Atlas defines that as “a traditional French sauce consisting of minced mushrooms, onions, garlic, wine, butter, and seasonings.” Also, according to them, duxelles “is often known as a key ingredient in the preparation of a popular dish known as beef Wellington.” Thus, we know why the Steakhouse 71 chefs confidently call this a Wellington.

Steakhouse 71

This entrée arrives at your table with the quality presentation you expect from a Disney table service option. My notes from that meal read that the presentation was excellent. Once you begin eating this, you will discover a high concentration of mushrooms and artichokes. I found the dominant flavor to be mushroom based when I had this. I enjoy mushrooms, so that served as a positive for me. The nice flaky texture enhances this vegan option.

One of my colleagues compares this entrée to a well-wrapped high-quality spinach dish appetizer. The romesco sauce provides a solid olive taste. Some might find that a bit too much, but I found that flavor blended in nicely. The portion size also suggests that this would be sharable if desired. The combination of ingredients merges within this pastry shell to create a good entrée.

Few Concerns

Though I mostly praise this entrée, I must express a few concerns. One, this needs to be eaten warm. If you let it cool too much, your final bites will not be pleasant. Two, even for Steakhouse 71, this price point rates on the high side for lunch. Three, guests need to enjoy the vegetables listed in this entrée. If you take a few bites of just artichokes while disliking artichokes, this experience will not be pleasant.

Overall, this “Wellington” makes a good option for vegan and non-vegan diners. This vegan entrée makes an enormous step up from the “Cauliflower Tacos” served here before when the restaurant was known as “The Wave.” As always, eat like you mean it!

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