Starting Today You Can Use VIP Tour Guides To Ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


Disney is at it again. Trying to find any way they can to increase revenue by allowing guests with more money better access.  Starting today if you pay for  VIP Tour Guides you can get on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance without a boarding pass.

Previously, even those with VIP access had to have a boarding pass to ride ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ like everyone else. But that has been changed today.

For those unfamiliar, the VIP Tours are something guests can purchase as an add on to their already existing park tickets, and park pass reservations, that allow them to get front of line access to most attractions and parades in the parks.

Disney must be wanting to boost their profits on this luxury extra by allowing guests to skip the hassle of trying to get a boarding pass (that usually are gone in seconds) and ride the attraction without one.  One time per day.

VIP Tours are quite expensive for most people and Disney raised the price before the pandemic.

The experience will run you $425 – $750 an hour depending on the “season.”  You also have to book at least 7 “continuous” hours of time. So that’s $2,975 – $5,250 minimum for one day!  For some people that can be the entire cost of their trip.

Now I will note that you are allowed 10 guests in a group for that price (infants included in the 10 guest limit) so if you split up with other family or friends, it could break down to $295-$525 per person. Still pricey, but a far cry from paying the entire amount yourself.

The VIP Tours are worth it if you can afford to do so.

It really does save you a lot of time. However, the way they have it set up now, that you need Park Pass Reservations and you can’t hop until after 2PM, I would recommend using your guide closer to the park hopping time if you wanted to visit other parks.

But if you are going to use a Tour Guide, Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be the best use of one right now.

It’s just another way Disney is trying to cater to the wealthy and go after those “whales” with incomes over $400k. We’ve already heard that Disney plans of offering those staying in Deluxe resorts extra time in the parks that other guests won’t be given.

Disney’s answer to their boarding group issue isn’t to fix it, it’s to allow extra access to those that buy it.

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