Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge “VR Experience” Coming Soon


Today must be Star Wars news day and this one is one of those “synergy” moments that Disney likes to talk a lot about. It’s a Star Wars VR experience that uses the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge parks that Disney is trying to promote.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Walt Disney World and Disneyland last year, and now Disney is going to use Lucasfilm’s  ILMxLAB in collaboration with Oculus Studios to bring out a new VR experience (commercial) for Galaxy’s Edge.

This new “experience” will take place between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.  So Disney Star Wars, got to double down on that, and will be set on the outskirts of the Black Spire Outpost in Battu, home of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

It will be an original story that will feature both new and established characters from the Star Wars galaxy “with multiple styles of gameplay and difficulty settings to accommodate a wide variety of players, from Star Wars fans to VR gamers alike.”

Vicki Dobbs Beck, ILMxLAB’s Executive-in Charge, had this to say:

“We are so excited for fans to step into Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge later this year. This action-packed adventure not only speaks to the promise of connected and complementary experiences by extending the lore around Black Spire Outpost, it represents another meaningful step in ILMxLAB’s quest to transition  from storytelling — one-way communication — to storyLIVING, where you’re inside a world making consequential choices that drive your experience forward.”

“storyLIVING,” okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. Very Disney-esque wording there.

Here’s the logo and concept art by Chris Voy:

No specific release date has been given yet, but we do know that it’s coming out sometime this year.  Honestly they aren’t really telling us much about it. It’s VR, it’s with Oculus, but that’s about it.

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