‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Free On Playstation Plus In June!


Playstation Plus’s upcoming free games will feature a game that was only just released in December 2020. The x-wing and TIE fighter simulator Star Wars: Squadron will be 100% free for Sony’s membership program subscribers.

We spotted this info over at We’ve Got This Covered.

Squadrons is a great Star Wars game when it comes to multiplayer. It may be a bit too easy for people to camp, but it offers up fast-paced dogfighting. There are several types of fighters to choose from, but sadly you cannot control capital ships. You can, however, go right up against them. Yes, if you’re skilled enough, you can take down a Star Destroyer.

The experience is upgraded 100 fold when you use a Thrustmaster flight stick. Not only does it offer a more genuine flying experience, but it solves the issue of awkward button pressing or toggling. The flight stick has its own customizable menu within the game, at least on XBOX.

The only complaint I personally have is that the story is totally forgettable. This isn’t surprising as it’s from the same guy who wrote Battlefront II’s single-player plot.  Remember that paint-by-numbers Imperial-turns-Rebel slog? Ugh. You get an identical story here, too.

You’d think Imperials who’ve spent decades under the Emperor’s command would be dedicated to the cause. Yet, it seems that everyone with sensitive information drops out and joins the Rebels on a whim. I think we’re getting away from the topic.

For a more in-depth look into what the game has to offer, check out Skill Up‘s review:

If you don’t have a Playstation, Squadrons is available on XBOX, Steam, and Origins.

Have you played SW: Squadrons? What did you think about the campaign story? Do you remember any of the details aside from that one mission Wedge showed up in? What was the doomsday weapon? I forgot.

Let us know in the comments.

[Source: We’ve Got This Covered]

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