‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ Has a Lot of Technical Issues Today


It looks like being a highly advanced attraction comes with issues of being a highly advanced attraction.  According to WDWNT ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ is having a plethora of technical issues today, even saying it’s in the “worst shape it’s ever been.”

Here’s a list of issues they observed today:

-Stormtroopers that shoot at your ride vehicle were missing and instead it was a blank screen.

Here’s what it should look like:

-In the AT-AT room the screen cockpits are blank

-The audio is cutting out “abruptly…..leaving you in either sudden silence or with missing music segments or character dialogue, like the instructions from Lieutenant Bek.”

-Kylo Ren is in B Mode still.  For those that don’t know B Mode is when the animatronic is gone and there is instead a video of him in his T.I.E. fighter instead.

Here’s what it should be:

Check out their video:

As they correctly point out, it’s hard to get the Park Passes for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney limits them for Annual Passholders and Cast Members. For the ones that do get the coveted pass they are usually trying to ride either Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway or Rise of the Resistance.

Then you have to fight to get a boarding pass for ‘Rise of the Resistance’ and when you get through it has already become an altered experience over the pandemic queuing changes and now this. I get that sometimes rides go down but it seems to be down an awful lot and now, even when it’s up, it’s facing issues.

Here’s a video we took showing the ride when it works for comparison:

You can get to about the same place as their video at the 16:30 mark.

I hope they can get this all figured out and at least mostly back up for people. They might only get one shot at visiting now because of the Park Pass requirement and no Park Hopping.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source and Full Credit to WDWNT. You can check out their article with more information HERE.

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