‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ D23 Teaser Trailer Released


Over the weekend D23 released a special teaser trailer for the final episode in the Skywalker saga.

Today they released it for everyone else to see.

Half of the video is just classic Star Wars flashbacks and a bit of Prequel trilogy and not much is shown at all about this new film yet.  It is implied that Rey has possibly gone to the dark side, but that could honestly just be a force “vision” and they’re trying to throw the audience off. I can’t see them taking Rey, their pride and joy, and making her a Sith now. If she does end up going to the dark side, she will come back.

Disney is really trying to hit the nostalgia button with this one. The Last Jedi caused a fracture in the fandom and I think they are banking on the universal love of the classic trilogy to try and mend it. I guess the idea of letting the past die and killing it if you had to didn’t go according to plan. I thought they would have foreseen that. (sorry couldn’t resist bad Star Wars puns)

I’m not going to go into plot rumors on PNP but the red-eyed C-3PO adds some credibility to some rumors we have been hearing. Those are out there if people want to look.

Either way, the new trailer is out. Check it out.

Source: Star Wars YouTube

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