Star Wars Releases “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Time Capsule” For It’s 40th Anniversary


Yesterday, Star Wars released a 40th anniversary “Time Capsule” to celebrate Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and it was everything I needed right now.

They put up this special look at the cast and crew from the film on YouTube:

I grew up with the original films and that led me to become a big Star Wars fan and it’s stuck with me my whole life. Sadly, I’ve lost it as of late with some of the choices and narratives of late, but The Mandalorian has been a bright spot. For a long time fan, like me, it feels like what I remember.

This video just made me happy. To see how much fun they all had together and how they were all cooperating to get it done. Even the grainy, old, footage definitely brought on the warm nostalgia feelings.

I think people need more bright spots now, with everything going on. This was one for me.

After seeing it I just wanted to share it. I know we have a lot of old school Star Wars fans that follow, and I thought you would appreciate it. For a lot of fans “Empire” is their favorite Star Wars film. When I saw it, as a child, I just loved all the new planets, and characters, and vehicles. One thing George Lucas always knew how to do was to bring new and visually interesting elements into the movies.

Plus it was nice seeing Carrie Fisher smiling again.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Star Wars YouTube

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