‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Props to Appear in Various Star Wars Media


Disney marketing’s new favorite “S” word appears to be “synergy.” We hear it mentioned over and over in articles and from Disney management, and now we are going to see it being used first hand within the Star Wars franchise.

According to Polygon Disney is going to start adding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge props into various Star Wars media. We have already seen this with the Jedi: Fallen Order game. Lightsabers from Savi’s Workshop can already be recreated.

T. Brad Schoeneberg, head of Global Merchandise Franchise work for Star Wars and Marvel, told Polygon “..that the lightsabers in Fallen Order are only the beginning of the land’s transmedia storytelling.”  So the new word to use now is “transmedia.”

Jedi: Fallen Order was the first of other place where you see those stories. It’s not just Savi’s. It’s everything in the land,” he said during a Galaxy’s Edge media event. “We have product that showed up in episode one of The Mandalorian. I just sent another round of product to The Mandalorian for season 2. So you’ll continue to see everything embedded in this broader storytelling.

Fans can expect more of these “transmedia” “synergy” moments soon in other properties. But Schoeneberg wouldn’t say when or where just that:

“It’s that type of discovery that in some cases we’ve just decided to let guests discover on their own without constantly telling you what we did.”

I’ll give them credit for not making it a big talking point and pushing it. So it’s more of a treasure hunt for fans. But it’s just fancy words for product placement. There’s nothing wrong with it, toy companies have been doing it for years. But that’s basically what it is.

So keep your eyes out in Star Wars media. Spoiler, we already know there is at least one of these “transmedia” moments coming in The Mandalorian Season 2.

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Source: Polygon,

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