Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge $11 Spork Sparking Controversy Online


Last May Disneyland launched Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in California, and with the launch came the galactic spork.

Docking Bay 7 had this special utensil for guests to use, but then guests started taking them as souvenirs or to re-sell online. As a result they were removed from use.

But in normal Disney style they realized they were losing money on a potential up-charge. I mean why waste those when you can make some money on them?

Now you can buy the sporks at Docking Bay 7 in Disneyland for about $11. But good news, it comes in it’s own bag.

(Photo Credit: WDWINFO)

All jokes aside. I don’t blame Disney for stopping their use when they were being stolen but charging $11 seems a bit high. It’s only available as 1 per guest per transaction (while supplies last.)

I have to wonder if these were overstock from what was supposed to go to Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge and Disney figured they would re-coup some costs, hence the (while supplies last.) But who knows, maybe they had a bunch more made. If they are popular I’m sure more will appear.

Walt Disney World will probably have them too soon.

Of course Twitter didn’t disappoint with the fun comments:


I’m not surprised they brought it back. They even went to the trouble of putting it in Jedi Fallen Order:

If you want a Star Wars Spork you can buy it at Docking Bay 7 at Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It’s even on the menu:

Sources: WDWInfo, Twitter

Featured Image: CNN


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