Squirrel! New Dug Loungefly Backpack Found in Disneyland

(Photo Credit: Mercari)

Oh my gosh this is the cutest backpack! It’s Dug from Up!

I love him!

(Photo Credit: So Cal Closet Mercari)

Look at his expression and his tongue sticking out! Plus the furry ears!

I’m really enjoying the way they placed the collar in regards to the zipper pocket too!

The inside is really special as well.

(Photo Credit: So Cal Closet Mercari)

I love the Up inspired lining fabric.  It’s done in blue (which will pop against the main color of the backpack) with the house, balloons and rainbows. Very nice!

This bag is a bit more than the usual $75 price tag on the Loungefly backpacks, but with the ears and tongue I can understand it. The price on this one is $80 and it’s currently being found in Downtown Disney District in Disneyland. No word on when it will arrive in Walt Disney World or online.

I’m honestly a bit surprised this didn’t pop up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom first, with the Up: The Great Bird Adventure show.

I just love it! What do you think? Comment and let us know!

(FYI this bag is for sale from the seller in the source)

Source: Mercari,


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