Splash Mountain Temporarily Closed After Guest Evacuated From Sinking Ride Vehicle


Apparently guests were evacuated last night after a ride vehicle took on water and became submerged.

Here’s the video of the event from Sky on Twitter:


The poster says they got out of the boat because it was sinking while they were stuck there. Then they said a Disney World employee told them they should have stayed in the boat, which is protocol. But as they pointed out that it went under as soon as they got out.

Another person from the boat:

And another rider:


Now, the water isn’t that deep, so unless they were very short or a child they likely wouldn’t have drown, but it shouldn’t have ever happened.



I’m torn on this one. Because it is the protocol to stay in the seats as they could have gotten hurt in other ways, but I can’t think most people would have stayed in the sinking vehicle. Instinctively people will get out.

Of course the comments were on point:

Splash Mountain has always had issues, but since reopening in July, the issues seem to have been intensifying. I wonder how long till they just shut it down and say it’s going to stay down till it’s rethemed and done? But that won’t happen today. They reopened it.

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Sources: Full credit to @skyelaringrsoll, @_jayy09, @uaplt1, @Kai_cece98

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