Spirits of the Coven Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando House (Photo Report)


Halloween Horror Nights 2022 in Orlando this year builds on themes of the traditional Halloween holiday. The ideas of October 31st appear everywhere this year for the 31st year of Halloween Horror Nights. When we think of Halloween, witches commonly become part of that discussion. Universal Orlando gave us a scare zone entitled “Conjure the Dark” with a witch using her powers to create madness on Halloween. In addition, Halloween Horror Nights brought us “Spirit of the Coven.” They describe it this way, “A coven of beautiful flapper witches will lure you into their 1920s speakeasy, reveal their haggish true form and turn your scream squad into a witch’s brew. They’ll be cackling; you’ll be screaming.” During my three-house unmasking tour, I got to see this house during the daytime with the lights on.

An incredible amount of effort went into creating this house. Based on its location, I suspect Universal Orlando thought this would be a very popular house. This house offers a long tour compared to most houses. The set design team created a magnificent setting. This house offers plenty to look at but beware of the scares along the way.

The house opens near the “Salem Meat Packing Company.” During our tour, we were not allowed to take photos in this section. Yet, as you will learn entering this house, the password is “witches’ brew” to enter the speakeasy. In this first area, we are near dock 31 in honor of Halloween. Clues to this spooky situation sit in many spots. For example, a black cat sits on a ledge in this area. If careful, you can notice potential false walls. The idea of false walls continues within this house to let us know things are not as they seem on the surface.

After getting through the speakeasy security, we encounter the bar setting. Things look okay but you should have some suspicions. The guy at the bar passed out may seem normal as you walk through this house. Yet, things did not go well for him. The theme of things going badly for men in this house will be obvious. Even the drinks function as clues.

In the early portion of this house, we see some “pretty” women distracting the gentlemen lured within this speakeasy. For example, in the photo below, during the event, a female will be “Ka noodling” (not my words but from the house script) with this poor man. Let us just say his enjoyable evening turns witchy.

As we continue on, we discover some more ‘illegal” activity. This place distracts men with gambling also in addition to the ladies. You will notice the use of “31” to help with Halloween theme. If you get through this house, notice that 31 is the winning number. Of course, you may be distracted by the unique roulette wheel. That wheel presented a challenge for Universal’s team to make it spin properly. I selected not to include a photo of the wheel due to grossness factor.

Soon we see that men are being turned into brew by these witches. In addition, we even find a book open to give us more of the plan.

As my unmasking tour guide said, this works as an ultimate girl power house. So, men should not be going in here. The house continues revealing the deepest darkest secrets here. Also, you might even get to meet the queen witch. As the script says, she is a bit of an old hag.

As of time of writing, this house fails to match the level of most of the other houses this year. The length of this house functions as good and bad news. You will be rewarded with more time in the house for your wait. Still, if you do not enjoy the story being told, this house will seem very long.

Like many houses this year, the set design exceeds even Halloween Horror Nights high standards. Yet, the well-written back story fails to work for many. In this quick telling, not enough time occurs for understanding. Also, the “cute” ladies luring the men within and then transforming fails to be obvious. For me, this house falls in the bottom two for this year’s excellent line-up. Enjoy the spooky!

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