Spirit Halloween Has Adorable Toy Story Mini Pumpkins and Costumes!


I know Halloween isn’t for several months!  I can hear you all now saying “Kambrea, summer just started!”

But that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting deals on amazing Halloween decorations now!

While surfing around on the internet I came across these great deals on both pumpkins and costumes! With Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starting in August, it’s never too early!

Toy Story Costumes

Woody Toddler Costume- $29.99

Woody Kids Costume -$29.99

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

Bo Peep Toddler Costume- $29.99

Kids Size Bo Peep Costume – $29.99

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

Jessie Toddler Costume – $29.99

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

Kids Buzz Lightyear Costume – $29.99

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume – $59.99

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

Toy Story 3.5″ Pumpkins -$4.99 each

Choose from: Woody, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Alien, Jessie, or Buzz Lightyear.

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)
(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

I just thought they were cute and something that some of you might want to get a jump on now.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!


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