Spider-Man’s Iron Spider Helmet Enters Hasbro’s Legends Series


The Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit is the newest edition to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series of prop replicas. This suit made its MCU debut in Avengers Endgame. We spotted this over at the Big Bad Toy Store. It’s $129 and can be pre-ordered for a March 2022 release date.

I was wondering when Hasbro would get around to some Spider-Man replicas. Since the Legends Series has focused mainly on armor and weapons, Spidey hasn’t exactly been the hero you think of when it comes to those items. Sure, Hasbro could make the webshooters. I, uh, can’t even remember what the MCU version of those looked like.

We’ve not seen a webslinger helmet or mask until now. Legends does not make fabric replicas yet. So, it wasn’t until the Iron Spider suit came along in Avengers Endgame that something a bit more solid revealed itself. Now that a proper helmet was part of the MCU’s canon for Spidey, a replica could be made.

Marvel | Hasbro

Here it is, and it’s … OK …?

The eyes glow either red or blue. The helmet’s interior is detailed. That’s it. Seriously. Compared to the Iron Man helmets and other offerings from the Legends line, this is lackluster.

Inspired by the Marvel Universe, this Marvel Legends Series 1:1 full-scale premium roleplay item is highly detailed and features electronic lights. This helmet features glowing LED eyes that glow red and blue in 6 different light settings.

Hasbro | Marvel
Hasbro | Marvel
Hasbro | Marvel
Hasbro | Marvel

The eye apertures don’t move either. That’s something I was sure would be included. Cosplayers figured out how to make that functional on fabric masks years ago when Spidey debuted in Civil War. It may sound a little harsh, but I’ve been dealing in props and replicas for twenty years, and this comes off as a little cheap.

Please consider the level of detail and functionality found in the Star Wars Black Series replicas (also made by Hasbro) and compare them to this. Again, the price points are nearly the same, in some cases cheaper, but offer far more bang for the buck.

What do you think of this Legends item? Worth the $129 or too much for too little? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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