Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Breakdown: Goblins, Lizards and Sand.


WARNING: The following post contains potential spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Marvel Studios has just released the latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home on their official YouTube Channel. Sadly there was no appearance from Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield, most likely waiting for a last minute reveal. But, we did see the return of Green Goblin (Spider-Man), The Lizard (The Amazing Spider-Man), Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and even Sandman (Spider-Man 3). We even get more of Doctor Octopus but see that his arms get an upgrade at some point, resembling Tony Stark’s tech.

In the trailer Doctor Strange tells Peter that the reason why all of these “visitors” from other world are popping up is due to Peter interrupting the spell that was cast to make people forget he was Spider-Man. It is up to Peter, Doctor Strange, Ned and Michelle to “Scooby-Do this crap” and send them back to their worlds.

Doctor Octopus seems to be helping Peter in this film as he is seen with the group in an underground hideout. He unmasked Peter and says “You’re not Peter“, meaning that it’s not HIS Peter. We also see a segment where Electro shoots lighting and Doctor Octopus can be seen getting shot, implying that he is helping Peter fight the other villains.

We also get a line from Doctor Octopus saying “You’re flying out into the darkness, to fight ghosts“. Peter asks Strange what this means and Strange replies that they, meaning the villains, all die fighting Spider-Man, that it’s their fate (Though Sandman didn’t really die, he just faded into the wind, and Lizard just went to prison. By that logic we should be seeing Topher Grace’s Venom.). This causes Peter to argue with Strange to try and find another way as they seem to fight over a mystical box.

The climax seems to take place at an under construction Statue of Liberty that seems to have a Captain America Shield being added. Peter can be seen fighting Lizard, Sandman and Electro. 

When Spider-Man is charging at the there villains it is odd that Spider-Man would just go three on one. But in the Brazilian version of trailer if you slow it down you can see that Lizard gets hit by an invisible force. This heavily indicates that both Maguire and Garfield are meant to be in this shot, but are edited out in this trailer because “We don’t want to ruin the surprise”.

We get some dialogue from Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin “Peter, you’re struggling to have everything you want while the world tries to make you choose“.

We also have a shot of Michelle falling from the scaffolding around the Statue of Liberty and Peter reaching out to try and saver her, recreating the Gwen Stacy fall from the comics.

Near the end Doctor Strange says that “They’re starting to come through. But I can’t stop them”. ‘Them’ may refer to the other Spider-Men.

The construction scaffolding resembles the leaked screenshot that has all 3 Spider-Men, so it’s safe to assume that this is where Maguire and Garfield will appear.

Some other notable moments include a shot of J.K. Simmons’ Jonah Jameson looking up and smiling at something (This will be the version from Spider-Man: Far From Home, not the Sam Raimi movies).

As well as two shots of the Black and Gold Spider-Suit, the second shot sees Peter using Strange’s magic.

This film seems to not only be a sendoff to this version of Spider-Man, but also a love letter to nearly 20 years of Spider-Man movies. It is currently unknown if after this trilogy Tom Holland will continue to be Spider-Man. Some think he’ll become part of the Sony Spider-verse with Venom and Morbius, but that has yet to be seen.

Side note: This is pretty cool to have previous versions of character return. Kinda like with CW’s The Flash series with their multiverse story arc. Imagine Eric Bana’s Hulk, Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider, Matt Sailnger’s Captain America or even Chris Evan’s Human Torch. The Multiverse is full of infinite possibilities. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home will premier on December 17th, 2021 EXCLUSIVELY in Theaters. Are you looking forward to it?

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