Spider-Man: No Way Home SINKS Titanic’s Domestic Box Office Record


Things just seem to keep getting better and better for the web-slinging super hero as the latest film in the franchise. Spider-Man: No Way Home, has passed the 1997 cinematic epic Titanic at the domestic box office. Titanic brought in an estimated $659 Million in the United States once its run in theaters was done, but the latest reports say that the SONY produced Marvel film as brought in $668 Million. It is currently on a path to surpass 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War ($678 Million) and 2017’s Black Panther ($700 Million). However, it is unlikely it will reach Avatar’s $760 Million.

As we come out of 2021 and into 2022 we can see that the film that made the most money wasn’t through some streaming service, but through the “old way” of movie theaters. This shows that fans are willing to go to a film, even with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, if it caters towards both fans and the proper demographics. 

SONY has been on a win streak in 2021 as most of their films have been doing relatively well in theaters while other companies like Warner Bros. and even Disney have had a number of Box Office Bombs. With the continued successes SONY will most likely be doubling down on theatrical releases and promotions going into 2022. Though it experienced a delay, the upcoming Morbius looks to be another crowd pleaser, especially for the Tom Holland Spider-Man fans.

Both Disney and Marvel must be green with envy as SONY pulls in 2/3 of the profit. They did attempt to get a 50/50 deal a couple years ago which almost ended up damaging the Marvel-SONY deal. Eventually the deal with Disney will end and SONY will have to rely on their own shared universe of Spider-Man characters. Let’s hope it goes well because the last time they tried something like that it ended up killing a franchise before it had time to shine.

Source: Screencrush

Full credit for featured Image to Itsharman on Deviant Art 

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