Spider-Man Animated Series Wave 2 Figures Are Coming Spring 2022


It looks like I was wrong about the Symbiote Spider-Man from a couple of days ago. He’s not the Secret Wars version. Instead, it turns out that he is part of wave two of the Spider-Man Animated Series action figures. The is new wave also includes Hobgoblin, Shocker, Armored Spider-Man, Hammerhead, and Ben Reilly in his new clone suit.

Spidey and the others can be pre-ordered now at Hasbro Pulse. They’re going for $22.99 a piece. Remember that the first wave did show up at other retailers like GameStop and Target, sometimes at a lower price tag.

Hasbro | Marvel

Each character will come with on the retro packaging the TV show’s figures had. This card backs stand out compared to the typical black box packages most Marvel Legends come in. Check out a sample below:

Hasbro | Marvel
Hasbro | Marvel

When Spider-Man’s powers aren’t enough, he dons his patented Spider-Armor. This ceramic-metal battlesuit protects Spidey from his deadliest foes, giving him the time he needs to take it to the bad guys!

When the line first launched in the mid-1990s, collectors and scalpers alike were scooped up the figures. You’d walk into a comic book shop and see the Peter Parker figure for sale, but he was now $45. So yeah, scalpers sucked that much back then, too.

The Animated Series toyline covered so many alternate Spider-Man costumes and “mutations.” Then the figures started to fan out into the weird categories: Fisherman Spidey and the like. The Carnage figure was amazing, though.

Toy Biz tried to spin off the popularity into the Iron Man and Fantastic Four tie-ins, too. Unfortunately, those didn’t go over quite as well. The Iron Man toys were pretty sweet. Most of the figures were based on Tony’s current comic book armor, the Modular armor. The helmet was always a bit wonky, but the vacuum-plated armor pieces on the toys were shiny and metallic-looking.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man: TAS?

[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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