Spicy Fried Chicken “Offals” Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando Food Review


The transition of the “Sting Alley” area into a macabre food/beverage location causes many to be disturbed as they walk by. The reimagining of Meetz Meats from Halloween Horror Nights lore to a food/beverage location shows the creativity of Universal Orlando. In this location, guests may find food options named as “Angry Bear Meat” or “Fresh Ground Princess.” Though I would not recommend either of those options, the only food item at this location ironically containing meat would be the “Spicy Fried Chicken “Offals,” This would be the carnivore version of the “Spicy Zombie Brains.” This one comes with a recommendation with a few concerns though.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

The menu description for these reads “crispy fried chicken thigh pieces, peanuts, crunchy chili, toasted sesame seeds, scallions, in a spicy gochujang sauce.” An order of these costs $9.99. The spice gochujang sauce works well with both the vegan version served here and this fried chicken option. I discussed with several people the preparation style of this chicken, The closest comparison we found was to say it looked and tastes like a tempura style batter preparation. The coating exists but remains think enough to enjoy the chicken and sauce.

Promotional photo from Universal Orlando

This same gochujang sauce used to be served on wings at the Urban Pantry food court at Aventura. One of my theme park friends missed those significantly. Still, you may purchase wings with this flavorful sauce at Bar 17 at Aventura still. I found in my tasting, and discussions with others, that the sauce served at Meetz Meats offered a little more spice than the Aventura wings. I suspect the spice level will be a bit too high for some people. If adverse to spicy food, then this well themed booth should be skipped.

Photo taken by Jon Self

Yet, the flavor of this chicken dish earned high marks. Of course, the preparation could vary greatly. This fact remains unfortunate but falls under the nature of mass-produced food. I found the crunchy texture of the peanut added to this dish though.

If you are looking for the best tasting spicy chicken ever, please lower your expectation a little. Most likely, you will get a solid flavorful chicken dish. However, some guests report small portion sizes and lack of sauce. As they say, your mileage may vary with this Halloween Horror Nights food.

Photo credit: Universal Orlando

Would I order this again? Yes, in fact, I plan to order it again later this evening as of time of writing. I hope for a good preparation of this later today.

One last thing, sometimes the wait for these gets very long. You should plan accordingly. As always, eat like you mean it!

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