Spaceship Earth Rider Leaves Vehicle And Sits With Animatronics


One of the most important things to do on a theme park attraction is to never exit the ride vehicle. In fact every ride before entry says the typical “Please keep your arms, hands, feet and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times“. And if not audibly told to you there are plenty of signs both before getting on and even in the ride vehicle. 

Well apparently this passenger didn’t adhere to the strict guidelines as while riding Spaceship Earth in EPCOT, they simply decided it would be a good idea to squeeze out of their ride vehicle and sit amongst the scenery in the Ancient Greece section of the ride.

Twitter user @pharmd23 was able to take photos and video of the rule breaker.

The rider wasn’t identified, but you can be sure that this guest most likely won’t be visiting the parks again.

There are multiple reasons as to why this was a very dumb decision. First, people who exit the ride may seek to either steal or vandalize the attraction as such things have happened in the past. Second, they may get stuck and unable to exit the ride and will require rescue. Third and most importantly, people can get seriously hurt and in some cases may even loose their lives.

Recently there have been a number of instances of people doing dumb stuff on rides like Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, where guests have stuck their feet in the water or sprayed cheese on the ride. We even had a guest try to take food from Living With The Land. But this guest outright exited their vehicle and sat with the animatronics. 

For your own safety and for the courtesy of both staff and other park guests please do NOT leave your seat unless it is an emergency.

Source: Chip & Co.

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