SONY To “Focus” On Spider-Man Spin-Off Television Shows


SONY made a big splash in 2021 with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the culmination of nearly 20 years of Spider-Man in film with a reunion of both current and past Spider-Man actors. The film went on to gross $1.9 Billion worldwide and is considered to be the best live-action Spider-Man film of all time.

Since then SONY has been doing what they can to establish themselves and separate their brand of Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are currently laying the foundations for a Spider-Verse with multiple films and shows to make their own shared universe. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is currently rumored to return and both Venom and Morbius are said to have roles in the future as well.

Kraven The Hunter is set to release in October of this year with Madame Web and El Muerto set for 2024. A Silk: Spider Society television series in development for Amazon Prime and MGM+ as well.

However, the first time SONY tried this with the Amazing Spider-Man films it ended in disaster. But now they want to try again, and apparently not all of them will be on the big screen.

In a recent interview via Deadline SONY television executive Katherine Pope shared some new details on the potential future of the Spider-Man shared universe. She stated that they plan to focus on Spider-Man themed television spin-offs.

She said:

It’s a huge focus certainly for all of us here, and for me in particular. I was already a fan of Angela Kang, so I’m really, really excited to be working with her on Silk. She’s just brilliant and a total pro. This is also an example of working really closely with Tom Rothman and Sanford Panitch, and the motion picture group, to make sure that we are in lockstep with them and also executing at the same level. They’ve done such an incredible job with that franchise, so we want to make sure we’re executing at that level.

While it is true that future Spider-Man films will most likely be theatrical we can probably expect other characters like Black Cat and Prowler to revive the television treatment.

What do you think? Is Spider-Man‘s future in television?


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