Some Top Food Items at Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando (So Far)


As of time of writing, Halloween Horror Nights 2022 in Orlando continues to bring the spooky into its first full five-day week of this event. The special themed food offerings for Halloween Horror Nights expanded this year.

Though I have not consumed any of this themed food yet, I have chatted with many colleagues and friends about the food this year. I have done this in preparation for my arrival soon to review most of the Halloween Horror Nights food.

Though I reserve the right to change the top-rated food items later, this list features the ones getting the most love from Halloween Horror Nights attendees so far. Many of these will get full reviews here on Pirates and Princesses so look for those at a future date.

We will start with a vegan food item. This year, Universal Orlando offers more vegan food choices than ever before. At the “Chucky” themed food tent near Springfield, USA, one can buy the “Chili Lee Ray.” This costs $7.49. The chili includes vegan quinoa with hominy, topped with micro cilantro and vegan feta cheese crumbles. This description might fail to dazzle you. Yet, let me simplify what I have heard from numerous people. They say this does not taste vegan. What the carnivores mean is they do not notice the lack of meat products within this. Still, the flavor of this chili shows the skill of the Universal chefs.

Next, we head to Gramercy Park for the “Haunted Horseshoe.” This costs $12.99. This open face burger featuring garlic Texas toast comes topped with jalapeno bacon, spicy candied pork belly, crinkle cut fries, and cheddar cheese sauce. The burger comes well done but with solid flavor. If you can get past the potential mess factor, this burger will satisfy your hunger during Halloween Horror Nights. For the record, I will not be telling my doctor that I plan to eat this.

Photo courtesy of @ThatOrlanDave on twitter

To round out our top options, we need something sweet. Major Sweets, a key antagonist for Halloween Horror Nights this year, offers a suggestion. The Major Sweets Ice Cream Sandwich costs $6.49. These attractive looking desserts feature large candy-corn sugar cookies filled with sweet corn ice cream. Though the concept of a sweet corn ice cream might sound unappealing, this flavor combination works very well. I offer one large disclaimer. If you dislike candy corn flavor, avoid this one. For you, I would suggest the “Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pop” instead. However, if you enjoy candy corn, you need to get this ice cream sandwich.

Only time will tell if eating these myself causes me to eliminate these from the top list or not. I guess we must wait and see.

I will be participating in a private RIP tour on September 15th if you want to follow along on twitter (@pastorjonself). Yet starting September 12th, I will begin consuming this themed food in person. I will also be attending six more nights of Halloween Horror Nights so you can follow me there.

I guess we must wait and see. As always, eat like you mean it!

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