Some Big and Small Changes at Magic Kingdom

(Photo Credit: BlogMickey)

The length of time that construction has taken for the Tron Coaster to become available for guest’s use makes many easy punchlines for jokes. However, some changes at Magic Kingdom have been made or announced that may connect to that Tron attraction finally opening. I will start with two small changes that went into effect on July 1st. I will conclude with the big announcement that could be a huge clue to Tron attraction finally opening.

For the Tomorrowland Transit Authority’s 40th anniversary, a new narration started being used on July 1st. Guests got to hear from ORAC-5 with several subtle adjustments to the previous narration. The reference to Tron attraction becomes more obvious. Perhaps a gap in the narration allows for more narration to describe the coaster more when Tron attraction opens.  The new narration works well. However, Disney veterans may find the wording and pacing to be odd.

The classic Carousel of Progress experienced a change to the final section of the moving theatre. Before you get too excited, modern technology failed to be updated in that scene. However, the clothing budget for the great bug beautiful tomorrow must have been increased. The new outfits present a slightly different look for that attraction. A subtle reference to “Progress City” can be seen I none of the outfits. Also, a few updated hairstyles appear during the last scene. Perhaps, Tron attraction will add to “Progress City” idea for Tomorrowland area of Magic Kingdom.


Finally, the big announcement involves Splash Mountain. On July 1st, we officially found out the new name for “Princess and the Frog” retheme of Splash Mountain to happen at Magic Kingdom (and Disneyland). The Disney Company unveiled plans for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new ride based on the movie The Princess and the Frog. This change to the current Splash Mountain attraction will happen in 2024 on both coasts. The ride will take guests on a musical adventure through the bayou with Princess Tiana, Naveen and the jazz-loving alligator Louis as they prepare to host a one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras celebration. According to Disney, guests will encounter familiar faces, make new friends, and enjoy original music inspired from the film as they explore the next chapter of Tiana’s story.

A popular theory about the closing of Splash Mountain for the retheme connects to Tron coaster. One idea involved Splash Mountain not being closed until Tron attraction opened. This would assist Magic Kingdom and other attractions not to be overwhelmed with a lack of “e-ticket” attractions for the crowds. So, if perhaps Tron opens in early 2023 then Splash Mountain can close with plenty of time to open as “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” in 2024. Of course, only time will tell with Magic Kingdom changes. Good luck with your next trip to Magic Kingdom.

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