‘SignUp’ Chrome Extension Provides ASL Captions for Disney Plus

Alia Sedlacek teaching Disney characters how to sign
Image: DailyMail.com

Disney movies are on their way to being a little more accessible. SignUp is a new Google Chrome extension that provides an overlay with ASL captions. 

Currently the extension provides ASL captioning for 3 movies on Disney Plus: “Moana, “Zootopia, and “The Incredibles.” 

Per the SignUp website, the program was created because “many young people from the Deaf community find written captions indescriptive, or even absent from media sites.”

The mission statement goes on to share that 80% of children who use ASL face challenges with reading, per a 2017 study. This makes written captions inaccessible. 

Variety quoted SignUp creator Mariella Satow, “My original vision for SignUp was as a learning tool for students of American Sign Language, like me. I found it difficult to find free learning resources, and wanted to change this… I was an avid movie watcher as a child, and want everyone to be able to have the same experience.”

How to use SignUp

To use the program, simply search “SignUp” in the Google Chrome extension store and download. You can alter the size and placement of the ASL caption overlay once the program is installed and activated. The captions will automatically sync with the movie as you play, pause, rewind, or fast forward. The website provides an easy to follow setup guide if users need additional help. 

The GoFundMe

Satow has created a GoFundMe in hopes to expand SignUp. The team hopes to add more popular Disney movies to its library such as “The Little Mermaid” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The GoFundMe states that they also hope to expand to other services like Netflix and Hulu. Satow also means to use crowdfunding to cover interpreter costs, social media advertising, and to develop a mobile/tablet version of the extension. 

Mariella truly believes in this service. She funded the current launch with money she made from dog walking. 

There are big plans for this useful service!

Sources: Variety

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